What is a Zygadoc?

Resumés are DEAD! we KILLED them!


Origin of Zygadoc:
Modern English word coined by Zygadox in 2019 for personal branding purposes.

Comprises of;
Zygote (biology)
Document (technology)


  1. a dynamic mixed media Humanoid Document of personal, educational and professional qualifications and experience. Designed to highlight the most important information required by the recipient. It uses psychological techniques to enhance an applicants chance of securing a job or position.

Synonyms for Zygadoc: 
Resume, Resumé, Résumé, curriculum vitae, curriculum vita, cv, summary

A ZygaDoc is a collection of valuable information, such as:

  • Zygaprint (Zyga Footprint)
  • Zygafile (Capability profile)
  • Profile Details
  • Biography
  • Contact Details
  • Experience History
  • References
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Portfolio
  • Videos
  • Augmented Reality (AR)
  • And much more

Examples of Zygadoc in a sentence:

“When I applied online for that graduate program the hiring manager was really impressed by my Zygadoc”

“When Jayden sent through his Zygadoc to Dan, Dan could tell just from looking at his capability profile that he was a perfect fit for the organization”

Zygadoc Background:

The vast majority of the population does not know how to craft an effective resumé nor do they have the repertoire of design skills required to create a document that is visually appealing. Resumés are also time contextual; they served the essential functions of the old world; however, they have not evolved alongside modern technology.

Currently, resumés are the standard for personal-branding, yet cannot support and do not efficiently integrate multimedia such as video bios, the linking of social media, capability profiles, fluidic design technology and visual representations of life journeys (which we call Zygaprints).

Our primary mission is fast-tracking the evolution of resumé technology with the invention of Zygadocs (loosely translating to human documents). The core reasoning for the creation of this new document type centers around enabling people to show off their individuality, core capabilities, and overall value by empowering them with technology and targeted applications of psychology. This marriage of social psychology and powerful technology ensures people have the ability to market themselves to the highest possible tier through their Zygadoc.

We understand that you are shaped by your life experiences, education, career history and by personal narratives about the world which results in you being a completely unique individual. As a result of this, no one can provide the same value you can provide because there is no else out there that is just like you. We want to make sure that you are able to understand and advertise your unique value to all of your future employers or business associates and we don’t want your talent and individuality to ever be miscommunicated or misrepresented. Zygadoc’s were built for you to help you realize the power of your own personal brand and to ensure that the world knows what you’re about.