The Art of the Interview - COMING SOON!

After spending two years speaking with recruitment departments of various companies, we discovered the secret criteria being used when interviewing applicants. We determined this by surveying and interviewing large companies, small businesses, and intercontinental giants and we documented all of their responses. Our analysis of this highlighted the communication ability of a job applicant to be the most important factor in the hiring process. If you communicated well in an interview, they wanted you!

We wondered…

  • What makes some people better than others at communicating?

  • Why are some people more likable than others?

  • How can one person appear more trustworthy than another?

The co-founder of ZygaUni (Jayden Kafanelis) decided to do a dive deep into the realms of social psychology, neuroscience, and nonverbal body language to uncover the science of communication. Two years later he developed what he likes to refer to as his little “black book of communication hacks”.

Did you know that by taking up more space with your body you can change your circulating hormone levels? Or that there are certain body positions you can engage in that will activate the reward areas of someone else’s brain? Or how using gesturing improves information transference or that an interviewer’s happiness is correlated to hiring outcomes?

Jayden used his research in real life interview situations to prove how certain actions, words, gestures, statements, and facial expressions resulted in positive impressions and influenced the interviewer’s perception of you. There are many forces at play in an interview situation, from the biochemistry of your interviewer to the psychology of your own speech.

Learn how to hack your next interview with “The Hidden Art of Interview Hacking – The Science of Communication”.

You deserve that next job!