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University Freelancers and the Gig Economy

University Freelancers and the Gig Economy

Why you should consider becoming a University Freelancer

Most of us have experienced or are experiencing what it’s like to be an undergraduate or fresh graduate. It’s hard. You are time poor as a result of university requirements and have to work part-time to support yourself. Usually, your job is in a completely unrelated industry to the one you’re studying because it’s hard enough to find employers that work with your university schedule, let alone finding ones that align with your studies.

If you’ve graduated you realize the difficulty associated with getting a job. Majority of employers advertise for people that have previous experience. This leaves you on the daunting hunt for a job, a qualified graduate working part-time at a supermarket, wondering when your golden opportunity will come. In a recent survey by Graduate Careers Australia, 50% of graduates were still looking for a full-time job 12 months after graduation.

The Gig Economy refers to the transition from formal employment modes such as part-time or full-time work, to engaging people on a freelance or service basis. This means that companies and businesses are starting to look for freelancers that they can outsource to. It’s estimated that in 2020 40% of the US workforce will become freelancers.

Freelancing, or working independently while you study gives you real-world experience in your industry that is synergistic to the theoretical knowledge you learn at university. This actually reinforces what you are learning. Freelancing also allows you to learn many other business skills and gives you the opportunity to build a portfolio which can make you more employable. Other freelance benefits include:

· Generating real-world client networks;

· Developing your knowledge of real-world business practices and;

· Providing services that you can charge for.

Certain undergraduates can set up as a freelancer depending on the degree they are studying. Graphic design, social media management, web development, and content creation are some examples of services that can be provided by undergraduate freelancers. Services that require formal qualifications including medicine, law, and engineering would require a freelancer (or independent contractor) at a graduate level.

Setting up as a University Freelancer:
To set up as a university freelancer there are a few things you need to know. Essentially you are an independent contractor working for yourself which means that you have to set up as your own business. This is easily done and ABN registrations cost no more than $40 a year. You will need to complete your ABN registration online and then you can link a business name to your ABN.

Working for yourself gives you freedom, independence and can become a very good source of income. This can become your full-time income or some after-hours work that you can it into your spare time.

By doing this you will effectively be creating your own personal brand, generating real-world experience and charging your own price for services that you are a specialist at.

We are promoting university freelancers on our website contact us to generate opportunities for people that want to capitalize on the Gig Economy movement.

Jayden Kafanelis, 
ZygaUni Australia

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