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In life, top tier communication skills are one of the most powerful tools you can carry in your arsenal.


Hack job interviews with effective communication and social psychology principles

The following course is designed to help you properly advertise and brand yourself via targeted elements of social psychology, interpersonal communication and neuroscience to elicit desired outcomes in social situations.

The information provided was drawn from a literature review of all of the available evidence in these domains to provide a scientific framework to help you engineer social situations in a favourable way. You will also learn to recognize tactics other people are using on you and gauge a person’s feelings and attitude towards you, without them explicitly stating them.

This is a social world and this is a social blueprint.


In our Zygauni Australia survey, communication skills were highlighted as one of the most important factors when hiring a candidate.

The following course was developed to:

  • Teach you the science behind effective communication in all social situations
  • Give you a framework to hack interviews
  • Credit you with a certificate that demonstrates your understanding of effective communication, which is heavily valued by organizations and employers.

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“Interpersonal Communication and Applied Social Science
for Professionals”
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Build my Personal Brand now!

Zygauni has definitely designed an effective interpersonal communication program that will equip you with tools and awareness in the achievement of your career. This course without doubt guides and reinforces confidence in communication that works for the individual.  Jayden takes you through verbal communication, non-verbal signals, gestures, facial expressions, body language and even appearance ... all that makes the impact and impression at interviews!


Dr Selvi Kannan PhD GAICD AFAIM MAIPM Lecturer
Specialist Advisor (Management & Innovation)
College of Business
Victoria University

The communication skills that this course teaches are the skills that students need to stand out. I regularly mentor and coach my own La Trobe students and graduates with an emphasis on developing their interpersonal communication skills


Dr Eddie Custovic Director, La Trobe Innovation & Entrepreneurship Foundry
La Trobe School of Engineering & Mathematical Sciences
IEEE Industry Engagement

To learn more about the course and to get your Certificate in Interpersonal Communication and Applied Social Science for Professionals view the course summary

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